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2011. EAA-NYTT. Medlemstidning för EAA Sverige • #3–4/2011 • årgång 44 EASA: Regelarbete som berör det lätta flyget – en lägesrapport fram till CRD b.4 »Resulting text of Part-NCO« Avsnitten om pilotcertifikat, FCL och operativa (Appendix 3) beskriver problemen med små. Bild framsida: Dmitrij Karpenko. 341417. 3. Kårchefen har ordet.

Easa part fcl appendix 3

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FCL.600’IR—’General Opera&ons*under*IFRon*an*aeroplane,*helicopter,*airship*or*powered7li8*aircra8*shall*only* be*conducted*by*holders*of*aPPL,*CPL,*MPL*and EASA Part FCL Appendix 9 Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile 50 rue Henry Farman 05/12 75720 PARIS CEDEX 15 PRACTICAL TRAINING Manoeuvres/Procedures Instructor initials when training completed FSTD 2 attempt Pass Fail 1 attempt A Pass Fail 3.8.1* Adherence to departure and arrival routes and ATC instructions 3.8.2* Holding procedures ARA.FCL.120 Record-keeping ARA.FCL.200 Procedure for issue, revalid. & renewal ARA.FCL.205 Monitoring of examiners ARA.FCL.210 Information for examiners ARA.FCL.215 Validity period ARA.FCL.220 Procedure for re-issue of a pilot licence ARA.FCL.250 Limitation, suspension and revocation ARA.FCL.300 Examination procedures 18-19.9.2012 Part-ARA 3 Part-FCL, Appendix 9The Meaning of Available in the Context of the Use of Flight Simulators and Other Training Devices for Pilot Licensing Purposes Keywords: MPL. PPL, test, check Created Date: 6/27/2016 3… To comply with EASA PART FCL Subpart 6, FCL.915.SFI 3 ANTR FCL 1.415 1-H-12 To comply with EASA PART FCL Subpart 6, FCL.915.SFI 4 ANTR FCL 1.450 1-I-3 To comply with EASA PART FCL Subpart 6, FCL.1010.IRE 5 ANTR FCL 1.455 1-I-3 To comply with EASA PART FCL Subpart 6, FCL.1005.SFE AND FCL… Part-FCL LP requirements Subpart A FCL.055 (c) Except for pilots having demonstrated an expert level a re-evaluation shall be done To be done in accordance with Appendix 2 Every 4 years if level 4 Every 6 years if level 5 EASA.MBO ICAO LPRI Workshop Vienna 2012 Part-FCL LP requirements Subpart A FCL.055 (d) EASA.MBO ICAO LPRI Workshop Vienna 2012 ECA Position on EASA Opinion FCL On August 28 2010, EASA issued its Opinion on the Implementing Rules for Flight Crew Licensing (FCL). This EASA Part-FCL - Appendix 5: Integrated MPL training course Amend to read: 3. The general approach is to use the existing ATP(A) integrated Comment EASA: LAPL privileges are not included in the PPL but they are for ATPL and CPL and, if FCL.325.A.


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3. Målsättning och de viktigaste förslagen. 3.1. Målsättning och alternativ.

Easa part fcl appendix 3

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AMC No 1 to FCL.025 Theoretical knowledge examinations for the issue of licences — Terminology The meaning of the following terms used in this paragraph should be as follows: 1. Entire set of examinations: an examination in all subjects required by the licence level. 2.

Requirements for the issuance of a Swiss   Dec 18, 2012 Service public fédérale Mobilité et Transport. Annex 1.
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Easa part fcl appendix 3

If the IR(A) has not been revalidated or renewed within the preceding 7 years, the holder will be required to pass again the IR theoretical knowledge examination and skill test. The UK CAA has adopted a derogation against FCL.625(d) (see paragraph 5.3).

• Appendices Part-FCL. • AMC to Part-FCL. • Development Part ARA & Part-ORA.
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216/2008 Struktur Annex III. Part-ORO.