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United States. Before being elected in. Susanna M. Salter, född 2 mars 1860 i Belmont County i Ohio, död 17 mars 1961 i Förnedringen uteblev dock, då Salter valdes med två tredjedelars majoritet. Susanna Madora Kinsey föddes den 2 mars 1860 i Belmont County i Ohio, USA. Familjen var kväkare, som ursprungligen kom från England. När Dora, som hon  Susanna Madora Kinsey; Susanna Salter; Susanna Madora Salter. spanska.

Susanna salter

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Bn 29/9/1859 " OM. 1859 20-Nov. FLOWER. Ellen SALTER. Daniel Isaac m Joseph. Ann. Chippenham. Bn 1/11/1859 " OM. Dresdner Essenz Bath Salt Deep Relaxation Salt har läkande effekt på olika hudåkommor och verkar antiseptiskt. susanna.

The Salter House was the home of Susanna Madora Salter, whom on April 4, 1887 became the first woman in the United States to be elected as a town mayor.She was a member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union and some men had nominated her as a representative of the Prohibition Party as a joke Top record matches for Susanna Salter. Susanna Salter.

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Eight years later, while attending the Kansas State Agricultural College, she met and married Lewis Salter. Susanna had 5 siblings: Daniel Salter, Elizabeth Salter, Abigail Salter, Daniel Salter and Frances Salter.

Susanna salter

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Susanna got involved in the temperance movement in Argonia, and became an officer in the local Women’s Christian Temperance Union.

Susanna Salter, who received this honor, was one of a number of women mayors elected during the years after the Civil War when women were renewing their demands for more political rights. [1] Mrs. Salter was born Susanna Madora "Dora" Kinsey, near Lamira in Belmont county, Ohio, March 2, 1860. Susanna Salter, the 1st woman elected as Mayor in the U.S., was put on the ballot as a joke but then she won. #WomensHistory #SusannaSalter. A post shared by Nat'l Women's History Museum Susanna M. Salter appears in 1 issues View all Drawing the Vote: An Illustrated Guide to Voting in America.
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Susanna salter

Susanna Salter and her husband Lewis had moved to Argonia only five years earlier. Susanna Salter Was the First American Woman Elected to Office (As a Joke) But 134 years ago, Susanna M. Salter raised quite a fuss and put the town on the map.

She was elected as mayor of the tiny town of Argonia in 1887. “She was about 5' 5” and probably  May 5, 2017 happened in 1887 when 27-year-old Susanna Salter was elected. Evans, an English major, became intrigued by Salter's story, and her  Jun 12, 2016 Susanna Madora Salter just wanted the men in her town to stop being drunks. They just wanted to humiliate her.
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Susanna Madora Salter was elected the first woman mayor in the United States. Nominated on the Prohibition Party ticket by several Argonia men as a joke, Salter  Salter, Susanna Medora (1860–1961)First woman mayor in the United States. Name variations: Suzanna Madora Salter. Born on March 1, 1860, in Kansas; died  Susanna Madora Salter, or Dora as friends called her didn't choose to enter the race for mayor of Argonia, Kansas. She didn't even know she was running.